Chips Sulphur  SGS Inspection Report

Uzbekistan Gas refineries follow two end processes for Sulphur separation. One of the process achieves the Sulphur in Lumps form, the other in Granular form and some in the Chips form. Typically the Shurtan Gas Fields in Northern Uzbekistan deploy a process wherein the Sulphur separates in the Refinery in the Chips form (also called pretzels). More technically, the straight-through process (burning all of the gas) is used for sour gas streams containing above 50% vol. of H2S and less than 2% vol. of hydrocarbons. The temperature in the reacting furnace is as high as 1100-1300°С and sulfur recovery is up to 70%. The further conversion of H2S into sulfur occurs in two or three stages in the presence of a catalyst, at a temperature of 220-260°С. Downstream of each stage the vapor of the recovered sulfur condenses in the surface condensers. The heat released in the process of H2S combustion and sulfur vapor condensation is used to produce high and medium pressure steam. Sulfur in the form of Chips in recovery from this process is of purity 99.9 percent +/-.


Our Photo Gallery has pictures of the Sulphur in the Chips form, plus we refer you to the attached recent SGS showing the purity. A feature to be noted is the color of this Sulphur Chips. This is a typical dark brown / yellow color when produced and stored in the shade but turns to a bright yellow when exposed to bright light or the Sun. This color diffraction is a normal feature of the Sulphur from this process but does not adversely contribute to any impurities, application, derivation or usage of Sulphur.


This Sulphur is packed at the refinery and shipped by Agro Trade directly from the Plant to the Transit Point in Bandar Abbas for further export to our clients.