Lump Sulphur  SGS Inspection Report

Sulphur produced from any process at the Gas / Oil refineries is of the same basic elemental constituent. The forms may differ as the “End Recovery Process” for separation are different. Lumps, Chips and Granular Sulphurs are described below with our expertise in the Sourcing, Packing, Logistics and Shipping.

Lumps Sulphur. Oil and natural gas are abundant in Uzbekistan. There are more than 171 oil and gas fields in Uzbekistan. Most of them are concentrated in the Fergana Valley region. 60% of the Uzbekistan oil and gas fields are concentrated in the Bukhara region. Uzbekistan Oil and Gas is one of the prime industries in the energy sector.

Sulphur is produced as a by-product, separated from the delivery lines and shipped by railway wagons to the warehouse for bagging. Agro Trade has developed its own Loading, Testing, Logistics and Transport facilities. The loading of each cargo is closely monitored by Agro Trade and SGS personnel on site in Uzbekistan.

Large Lumps are crushed into smaller sizes and bagged via automatic weighing and filling unit. Containerised, inspected and tested Sulphur cargo is dispatched by trucks from Agro Trade warehouse directly to the Port Of Bandar Abbas (Transit Point). Export Documentation and Vessel loading is completed at Transit area for various destinations with the Certificate of Origin of Uzbekistan. Sulphur from Agro Trade is currently being shipped to China, Pakistan and Turkey.