Currently AGT has four main Co-production lines, equipped with multi-purpose modern computerized machinery to produce different fertilizer grades. Each is under the direct supervision of a highly qualified experienced production team, using the highest quality management procedures to ensure our customers are offered a Full range of NPK water soluble products.

NPK Water Soluble Production Line

The Water soluble production line is a fully automated computerized PLC controlled system. Built to produce high quality NPK fertilizers in fully a controlled closed system to guarantee a safe production environment with the highest quality assured formulas. The production capacity of NPK water-soluble installation is 30,000 Metric Tons Annually.

NPK Granular Production Line

The NEW Granular production line is based on chemical reactions, melting and physical processing. For each specific formula raw materials are combined in the correct ratio with accuracy ensured by the PLC controlled system. The production capacity of NPK Granular Production installation is 20,000 Metric tons annually, 10, 25, 50 kg bags.

NPK Liquid and Suspension Line

The Liquid and Suspension production line is based on a fully computerized production controlled system to ensure exact formulas and perfect formulation. It is built to produce different NPK, Trace Element and Soil Conditioner formulas with different production conditions by providing the perfect production atmosphere assuring the highest quality of products. The production capacity of Liquid and Suspension Production Installation is 5000 Metric tons annually.

100% Water Soluble Compound Fertilizer

  • The formulas designed to match the nutrient requirement of the different periods from seedling.
  • Transplanting, blooming, fruiting and maturing for different crops.
  • Balanced ratio of nitrate-nitrogen and ammonium-nitrogen.
  • Easy to be uptake and transport by plant with high use efficiency.
  • Water-soluble and chelated TE which avoids the antagonism with phosphorus.
  • 100% soluble, which could be apply through fertigation and foliar application.
  • Can be use on fruit trees,tomato,vegetables and wheat,corn,cotton and other field.
  • For high yield and best quality.

Examples :

15-15-15 20-20-20 19-19-19+TE
16-16-16 17-17-17 18-18-18
12-12-17+MgO 20-10-12+2MgO 30-10-10
25-7-7+2MgO, 20-10-10+2Zn 13-13-21+2MgO, 15-5-20+2Mg+6S 22-5-19+TE
13-15-15, 18-9-18, 15-5-5, 12-5-14+TE 18-4-9+2Mg0, 16-16-8+2MgO  
Different formulas are available according to customers' requirment